Hygiene Standards: Industrial Hygiene

Hygiene Standards: Industrial Hygiene

Adapted by: Nataly González Salamanca

In any workplace, it is very important to have adequate hygiene standards and comply with them, since it will be useless to have the best product if the environment in which it is offered does not say the same.

In the bakery and pastry sector, cleanliness is fundamental, because innovation alone does not make your business successful.
It is vital when selling a food that hygiene standards are precise, something that customers will surely reward.

Industrial hygiene takes into account the following:  

  • Premises whose areas are free from the accumulation of garbage.
  • Keep surfaces clean and dust free.
  • Garbage cans with lids.
  • Floors, walls and windows made of washable material, which facilitates cleaning.
  • Employees whose complete uniforms (apron, hat, gloves) and when required masks that demonstrate commitment not only personal but with the business.
  • Display cases and exhibitors must be kept closed and covered to avoid contamination with dust, smoke or flies.


Hygiene is a fundamental part of the quality of the products that you offer in your bakery, your customer will recognize it and sales will not wait!

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