What do customers want to find in bakeries?

What do customers want to find in bakeries?

Europe It has a great baking tradition, therefore, the ancestral recipes for bread and the trends in the baking sector come from there.

By Nataly González – Digital Communication.

The renowned Belgian baker Waldo Deroo visited us and spoke about the trends for the sector baker Worldwide.


Levapan: What are the challenges in Europe for the bakery sector if they already apparently have "everything" in bakery?

Waldo Deroo (W.D.): There are always possibilities to grow or improve some of the bakery products that are made. There are 5 aspects that the market is demanding:

one, "improve presentation of each product. The variety and details in each one are very important elements when choosing.”
two, "New sandwiches: preparing a sandwich is an art that requires an exquisite mixture of ingredients that generate an explosion of flavor in the mouth and, in addition, must have an impeccable presentation. Therefore, customers expect more and more options of great elaboration and quality.”
3,"Greater flavor: flavor is an ingredient that is being demanded a lot in all bakery products.”
4,"In Europe the bakeries They specialize in making a particular product. For example, there are some that are recognized for their bread baguette others for the ciabatta, etc., so consumers are looking for such bakeries that make more “signature breads” to be known for.”
5,»The industry in Europe, of course, is preparing to produce artisan quality bread, but industrialized. This happens because unfortunately young people do not want to be bakers, since it is a job that requires a lot of commitment. It's a late-night weekend job."


What is the best thing about being a baker?

Waldo DeRoo: It is the best job in the world because every day I can create new things, things that live; the mass lives, lives the yeast when the bread comes out of the oven. The scent is wonderful.


Having the opportunity to make innovative decorations and the possibility of constantly learning in the different places where I travel, constantly enrich my work.

My heart is not like yours, mine is a bread!

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