Hygiene Standards: Industrial Hygiene

Adapted by: Nataly González Salamanca In any workplace, it is very important to have adequate hygiene standards and comply with them, because having the best product will be of no use if the environment in which it is offered does not say the same. In the bakery and confectionery sector, cleanliness is fundamental, since innovation alone [...]

What do customers want to find in bakeries?

Europe has a great baking tradition, therefore, the ancestral recipes for bread and the trends in the baking sector come from there. By Nataly González – Digital Communication. The renowned Belgian baker Waldo Deroo visited us and spoke about the trends for the bakery sector worldwide. Levapan: What are the challenges in [...]

Bread as an accompaniment to your meals; The perfect combination!

By: Levapan Digital Communication. A delicious aroma that invites you to eat regardless of the time of day, it continues to be that of the bread that you crave until it becomes irresistible, that wonderful mixture of ingredients kneaded by passionate people who also imprint their personal stamp on it until they become products of excellent quality, infallible on the table. [...]