It is located in Rionegro (Antioquia) and it is there where we produce compotes for babies, fruit vinegar, canned, emulsified, jams, nectars, drinks with aloe vera and sauces of the San Jorge and Respin brands.
The purpose of DIAPER is to elaborate and develop, under processes of continuous improvement, practical foods of excellent quality that enrich the flavor of meals and make life easier for our customers.

  • All production lines and processes carried out in the plant have been certified by the corresponding entities.
  • We offer job opportunities and stability for the inhabitants of the nearby municipalities of the Eastern Antioquia region.
  • We contribute to the development and strengthening of farmers through the consumption of agricultural raw materials.
  • We have made donations to educational institutions and food banks.
  • We are committed to responsible environmental management.


It is located in the town of Fontibón in the city of Bogota capital of Colombia and there are manufactured dry products with which gelatin, baking powder, micro-pulverized sugar and mixes to prepare desserts are made.

The objective at Levacolsas is to manufacture products of the highest quality under the strictest standards and principles of safety, care for the environment, safety and health at work.

We ensure the availability of each of the products that are made there to meet our customers' purchase orders on time.

  • All production lines are certified since 2013.
  • All plant personnel have a direct employment contract.
  • More than 80% of the materials used in the plant are of national production.
  • We continuously work on the creation of alternatives that allow us to optimize the performance of production processes to the maximum. In other words, we focus on reducing waste and taking advantage of recyclable material.
  • We have a highly competent technical team whose objective is to continuously improve existing processes and products and propose innovative and profitable developments.


Our Nutritec SAS plant located in the city of Yumbo in Valle del Cauca, in southwestern Colombia, where we develop products for animal and human nutrition and we are always in constant search of new ideas that become innovations and products that can achieve what that others cannot.
.AS located in the city of Yumbo in Valle del Cauca, in southwestern Colombia, where we develop products for animal and human nutrition and we are always in constant search of new ideas that become innovations and products that can achieve what others they can not.

In Nutritec SAS We work under the highest standards of quality, safety and innocuousness. Our management systems guarantee standardized processes, the total traceability of all our products and services and the constant improvement of our processes. Proof of this are the certifications obtained:

ISO 9001:2008 and IQnet – Quality Management System
We have a quality management system that guarantees the standardization and constant improvement of all our processes, and thus the satisfaction of all our internal and external customers.

ISO28000:2007 – Security Management System for the Supply Chain
We have a control and security management system that guarantees traceability throughout the entire supply chain, mitigating the risk of contamination by narcotics, contraband, explosives, etc.

GMP INVIMA – Good Manufacturing Practices in Food
We have a production system that guarantees the total safety and quality of all our products (applies only to the Human Division – powder line).


It is a modern plant located in Tuluá Valle del Cauca – south of Colombia, with state-of-the-art technology that is supported by a comprehensive management system that involves quality, safety, environmental responsibility, industrial safety, occupational health and physical safety for the production of its products.

We maintain a clear focus on continuous improvement and the prevention of any illicit activity within the processes of our business. Thus providing our customers with security, support and solidity.


In Tebicuary (Paraguay) there is another of our plants for fresh yeast, instant yeast, alcohol yeast, organic yeast, yeast for animal nutrition, premixes for animal nutrition, improvers and premixes for bakeries.

It is equipped with advanced technology in biotechnology and its high level of automation allows to have constantly standardized.

From this plant, a large part of the demand of the economic community of Mercosur.

  • We work based on the standards required by the market and providing procedures, training, technology and knowledge to our clients.
  • We generate sustainable profitability with quality products that meet the needs of our customers and responding in time, form and cost.
  • We have ISO certification, we are the first exporter of yeast in Paraguay and the first producer of organic yeast in South America.
  • We have become one of the main sources of employment in the rural community where it is located.


In the plant of Barquisimeto - Venezuela fresh yeast is manufactured and dry yeast, fresh being the one with the highest demand.

We are the only yeast manufacturers in the country, thus helping to improve the economy.

We have learned to use alternative materials in our processes and all staff work continuously to generate new ideas and creative solutions.

Dominican Republic

This is the plant is located in the city of Santo Domingo capital of the Dominican Republic where we manufacture dry and pasty products: powdered sugar, baking powder, bakery premixes, flavored gelatin, improvers, sauces, jams, mayonnaise, mustard and extracts.

  • We develop products according to the specific and particular needs of our clients. In other words, we make custom-made products.
  • We are generators of employment for residents of the surrounding areas and we make donations to non-profit entities.
  • We will participate in cleaning beaches and planting trees.


Our plant is located in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where we produce gelatin, powdered sugar, baking powder and essences.

  • Certificates in fire safety systems by the Fire Department of the area.
  • We have environmental registration, which allows the operational permanence of the plant in the current facilities.
  • We fulfill our social commitment, offering jobs, training to its employees and access to social services.
  • We periodically carry out measurements of noise, odors and waste, as well as continuous control over the consumption of water, energy and fuels.